Click below to view a list of hymns in the fourth edition of the St. Michael Hymnal.

List of Hymns in the Fourth Edition of the St. Michael Hymnal

Entrance Antiphons

In addition to a rich collection of hymnody, the fourth edition of the St. Michael Hymnal features a complete collection of Entrance Antiphons by distinguished composer, Richard Rice. The collection includes an antiphon with verses for every Sunday and Solemnity of the year.

From the official texts, as found in the Graduale Romanum and the Roman Missal, Richard Rice has extracted short refrains suitable for congregational singing and set them to formulaic modal melodies. A preview of the congregational antiphons can be viewed here.

The congregational antiphons are complemented by verses that can be sung by a schola or cantor. The verse melodies are loosely adapted from the Invitatory tones found in the Liber Hymnarius (1983), and the verses follow their three-part structure.

Full organ accompaniment is also provided for antiphons and verses, and can be previewed here. The St. Michael Hymnal includes the congregational antiphons in both the hymnal and the accompaniment/choral book. A copy of the organ accompaniment/verses will be provided to all parishes that purchase the hymnal.